Added on 1/28/2022


COVID is again the protagonist in Wijk aan Zee. Daniil Dubov tested positive this morning and had to leave the tournament. While the results he had until now remain in place, he will forfeit the remaining three games. Of course, there won't be rating changes for these three games. The three players who are going to get a whole point without playing are Richard Rapport (today), Praggnanandhaa (tomorrow), and Magnus Carlsen (Sunday, last round). Here is the organizers' official statement:

Today, Carlsen came close to winning against Vidit, and maybe he even was at one point, but he had to settle for a draw.   Photo credit Lennart Ootes Vidit defended with resilience and patience. 


Pragg was no match in the middle game for the American GM Fabiano Caruana. Fabi gained the initiative and went on to win the game.  Photo credit Lennart Ootes Tomorrow Caruana will play Carlsen.  Fabiano said,

"I played horribly during the whole tournament; at least today, I played normal chess. I can't see anyone else but Magnus as the winner of the event no matter what happens tomorrow."  

The game of the day was Van Foreest vs. Giri. Van Foreest played a quasi-perfect game, giving no chances to Anish. Jorden, commenting on his win over Giri, was humble and gentlemanly:  

"It is always special to play with Anish. When I was starting, I looked up at him, and Anish was already in the top ten. We're good friends, and I have learned a lot from him."

Photo credit Lennart Ootes


Mamedyarov drew with Karjakin, Grandelius drew with Esipenko and Duda with Shankland.

Only Magnus can lose this event with the last round giving him a whole point. If he manages to stay half a point ahead after tomorrow's game, nobody will be able to catch up on him.

The standings see Carlsen in the sole lead with 7.5/11, Richard Rapport in second with 7, then Giri and Mamedyarov with 6.5. All the rest are out of contention. Tomorrow Round 12 at 8 AM EST - 14:00 local (CET).