Added on 1/21/2022


This time Magnus didn't miss his chances and defeated Richard Rapport in good style. During the post-game interview, Magnus candidly said:

"I really needed this win after throwing away good opportunities, especially in the last round."

The Champion even said he was "sloppy." We all would like to be as sloppy as he when playing chess. Photo credit


In an intense and - according to Anish - full of mistakes game, Giri beat Fabiano Caruana. The post-game interview was interesting: Giri said, 

"I am disconcerted by how bad my play is."

It's not every day you hear a top GM say something like this. Then he added that he and Fabi were in severe time trouble and made some horrible mistakes. Unfortunately for him, Fabiano made the decisive mistake. Photo credit


Karjakin defeated the titleholder Van Foreest, who now dwells in the lower zone of the standings.


The rest of the games were drawn: Vidit vs. Duda; Mamedyarov vs. Grandelius; Dubov vs. Esipenko; Shankland vs. Praggnanandhaa. So, Magnus Carlsen joins the leaders Vidit and Mamedyarov, with 4 points (+2) after six rounds. Half a point behind Rapport and Esipenko. Withe 3 points, we have Giri, Duda and Karjakin. Tomorrow Round 7 at 8 AM EST - 14:00 CET.