Added on 1/27/2017

This tweet, in a way, recaps today's round:

Wei Yi is the hero of the day. In the only decisive game in Round 11, the young Chinese GM defeated Sergey Karjakin. Karjakin admitted that he blundered, but this doesn't diminish Yi's great performance. Wei Yi has gained 21.5 rating points so far, scoring an amazing 2852 performance. Now Ewy Yi is only half a point behind Wesley so, and tomorrow they play each other, in what could well be the decisive game of the whole event.  

Adhiban played a good game with Carlsen, who found himself in trouble more than once today. Adhiban though wasn't able to bring home the full point, and the game ended in a draw. 

With two rounds to go, Wesley So leads with 7.5/11, followed by Wei Yi, solo in second place, with 7.0; at 6.5 Carlsen, Aronian and Eljanov. Tomorrow Round 12 starts at 7:30 am EST - 13:30 CET


Aronian, L. - Van Wely, L.   Harikrishna, P. - Rapport, R.   Adhiban, B. - Giri, A.   Eljanov, P. - Carlsen, M.   Karjakin, S. - Nepomniachtchi, I.   So, W. - Wei, Y.   Wojtaszek, R. - Andreikin, D.

Winner of today's New In Chess sponsored Trivia is TheDoctorJ. Congratulations!


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