Added on 1/28/2017

Two decisive games today, one of which gave us yet again a glimpse of Magnus Carlsen's prowess when it comes to getting a win out of an apparently sterile position. It's amazing to see the World Champion patiently strangle his victim, playing so precisely and efficiently.  Eljanov tried to resist, but to no avail. When Magnus Carlsen smells the blood, there is nobody who can resist. Magnus, after the game, said: "I am surprised in am still in after playing soo poorly". Of course, we'd like to play "so poorly2, but it's understandable that the Norwegian chess genius feels he's not having a good tournament. By his standards, missing a mate in 3 and losing with a player whose rating is 100 points lower than his, is not exactly what Magnus is used to. But despite those two episodes, Carlsen sits in second place, half a point behind Wesley so, who's still in the lead. tomorrow last round, and everything can still happen!

The second decisive game was Aronian-Van Wely. The Armenian played a very convincing game, violent and decisive. Levon, who's been playing good chess during this event, now shared second with Carlsen and the revelation of this tournament, the young Chinese GM Wey Yi.

With one last round to go, Wesley So leads solo, followed by Carlsen, Aronian and Wei Yi half a point behind. One point to these three, another trio with Adhiban, Karjakin and Eljanov. Tomorrow last round at 6:00 am EST - 12:00 CET Pairings: Andreikin, D. - Aronian, L.  Wei, Y. - Wojtaszek, R.  Nepomniachtchi, I. - So, W.  Carlsen, M. - Karjakin, S.  Giri, A. - Eljanov, P.  Rapport, R. - Adhiban, B.  Van Wely, L. - Harikrishna, P. 

Winner of today's New In Chess sponsored Trivia is Radja. Congratulations!


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