Added on 1/15/2017

The Supreme Grinder strikes again. Following Carlsen's game today, with the help of a chess engine, has been fascinating. At move 25 the engine was stuck at 0.00, a very flat evaluation that led the kibitzers to think it was just another draw. then, slowly but at an implacable pace, the Norwegian Grinding Machine started pushing. The precision of the World champion was simply stunning, and by move 40 Carlsen had a winning position on the board. Wojtaszek resigned at move 44, facing the inevitable defeat.

Pavel Eljanov scored again, today against Loek Van Wely, to keep the sole lead with 2/2. Pavel showed his great solidity and went on playing a good game to defeat the Dutch hero.

Adhiban walked into a mating net against Harikrishna, who joins Carlsen in second place.

The winner of the New in Chess subscription is pandit22. Congratulations!

Tomorrow Round 3 at 7:30 am EST -- 13:30 CET Pairings: Adhiban, B. - Aronian, L.   Eljanov, P. - Harikrishna, P.   Karjakin, S. - Van Wely, L.   So, W. - Rapport, R.   Wojtaszek, R. - Giri, A.   Andreikin, D. - Carlsen, M.   Wei, Y. - Nepomniachtchi, I.

Here is a 5-minute preview of IM Sielecki's video recap.


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