Added on 1/17/2017

Giri played a good game, and was close to scoring his first win in the Tata 2017. But Andreikin defended effectively and the game ended in a draw. An interesting draw. Many of the online people are complaining a bit about Giri's "habit" to draw games, but let's be objective: Anish plays strong, solid chess; it's almost impossible to beat him, and it's not like he's not trying to win!

Van Wely played a solid opening today, but then the game became a slow business, during which Wesley So got the upper hand. Loek tried to simplify, hoping to take Wesley into a drawish endgame, but the American talent was able to force Loek into a problematic position and the Dutch GM could not find the right moves to hold this strong opponent to a draw.

The young Chinese talent today had to feel the power of the Supreme Grinder. The beginning of the game was very solid for both sides. Carlsen worked in the center to gain some space, and let his young opponent to try a sort of attack on the kingside. By move 21 everything seemed to have settled down. But that is the very moment when the Norwegian genius starts smelling blood. A minimum positional advantage makes Carlsen go for the kill, and that's what happened again. Magnus gained space, and that was enough for him to start the grinding process. Wei felt the pressure and went for a risky plan with 29. … g5. The start od the end for him. It took Magnus few more move to make it clear there was no chance for Wei Yi to save the game.

Eljanov didn't sleep on his tiny advantage in the standings, and won his game against Adhiban, in a very interesting endgame, down a pawn and with same color bishop, but with a clear positional advantage. A nice show of excellent technique by the leader of the tournament.


After 4 rounds, and going into the first REST DAY, Eljanov is still in the sole lead, with 3.5 points, followed by the fantastic duo: Carlsen and Wesley So, with 3 points. Round 5 on Thursday, at 7:30 am EST - 13:30 CET Pairings: Eljanov, P. - Aronian, L. Karjakin, S. - Adhiban, B. So, W. - Harikrishna, P. Wojtaszek, R. - Van Wely, L. Andreikin, D. - Rapport, R. Wei, Y. - Giri, A. Nepomniachtchi, I. - Carlsen, M.

The winner of the GOTD TRIVIA is CoachJohn. Congratulations!

Here is GM Christof Sielecki's video recap.


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