Added on 1/24/2017

Magnus Carlsen bounced back immediately, as it was to be expected. He made his win over Van Wely look easy, in his characteristic style. A great game by the World Champion, who gave no chances to his opponent. Carlsen took double advantage from his win today, as the rest of the games were draws. Now Magnus is back in second place - shared with Wey Yi and Eljanov - only half a point behind the leader, Wesley So.

So And Aronian drew a game played very solidly, without risking much, in a sort of liquidation effort. Wojtaszek and Karjakin went into a pretty drawish variation, without any chance for either player to try to win. Nepomniachtchi missed the win twice in his game against Harikrishna, IM Voja analyzed this interesting battle in great details in his recap video you can find at the bottom of this article.

Andreikin and Eljanov played transposed Torre attack, going out of theory at move 9. Eljanov had the upper hand in the game, but could not convert it to the fill point, which would have projected him on top of the standings, sharing first with Wesley So.

Winner of today's New In Chess sponsored Trivia is jmdana. Congratulations!


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