Added on 9/12/2018

Playing Chess over the Net is something that can give you a lot of different feelings: satisfaction, frustration, anger, happiness. One thing is sure: it's a lot of fun and, in a way, it's addicting. Quick Time Controls have taken over, and the vast majority of played games are fast blitz. Now, what's best than sit at your desk, or on your couch, and play a streak of blitz games? And what if among your opponents you can meet a Grandmaster or an International Master? And, last but not least, wouldn't it be pretty good if you could win some money out of your games? These are the considerations that led the Internet Chess Club to launch its First Weekend ShowDown. The first weekend of each month, a huge tournament takes place on ICC, with a lot of very strong players battling for the prizes. And yes, it's cash! A thousand dollars at stake every month! And class prizes, random draw prizes, that makes it even more interesting for the average player. The first three Weekend Showdown tournaments have been a success, with a lot of ICCers enjoying the games and some of them winning cash or membership extensions.

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Next Weekend Showdown is scheduled for Saturday, September the 7th, at 2 PM EST.

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Time control is 3 0, so you gotta be pretty fast! Nine rounds of pure FUN. To join the tournament, you need to have an ICC account, and here you can find instructions to participate and rules. Don't miss this opportunity to compete in a strong Blitz event. Every month, only on ICC!